Complete extrusion plants for thermoplastic materials.

Extruder, downstream and toolings for the production of profiles and pipes. Each one is a tailor made and Turn-key project.

Thermal break profiles

Smart approach for the production of PA + GF thermal break profiles. Advanced technology guaranteed by endless research.


Friul Filiere provides the customers with turn-key solutions for the extrusion of composite profiles and pipes using natural fibers and scraps of previous processes.

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Co-extruded profiles, co-extruded pipes, corner profiles, led, profiles for lightening, PC with masterbatches


Polyurethane (TPU)


Guides and Belts profiles, Sliding Profiles, Rods, TPU Pipes sheathing



High speed PA6-PA11 tubes, reinforced profiles and gaskets


Medical tubes, dip tubing for hand sanitizers, cotton swab, flocked swabs for analysis



Irrigation pipes, agricultural film without metal eyelets, tubular profiles to protect trees


Thermal break


Thermal break profiles in 8 exit in PA66




Patented system for flow centering managed by only two screws. Inserted in every die head




Solutions that allow customers to minimize their impact on the environment and obtain recyclable products


How can we help you?

Friul Filiere designs and manufactures customized and turnkey systems.
We want to be your only referent for extruders, extrusion lines, equipment (dies and heads) but also complementary units upstream, downstream and auxiliary machines.

Places where we sold our extrusion plants