Your project from A to Z

Slide Is this your first extrusion project?
Slide Do you prefer a single referent to multiple suppliers? Slide Do you want to have a plastics expert? Slide Do you need to produce a complex technical profile?
Slide Friul Filiere is your referent
for your extrusion line - 100% made in Italy.

  • We are the lead contractor
  • We support the customer as a partner
  • We design and manufacture machines and equipment on site
  • We give you the process know-how and train your staff

We advise customers in choosing dedicated units for processing phases that precede extrusion (upstream) or complete the process, such as collection, storage and handling of the finished product (downstream).

We offer you a unique project that can bring your idea to life.

We don’t make so many but we do exactly what you need. 

È il tuo primo progetto di estrusione

Preferisci un unico interlocutore a molteplici fornitori

Vuoi disporre di un esperto in materie plastiche

Devi produrre un profilo tecnico complesso