K2019: a successful edition

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28 nov 2019

Friul Filiere Spa has just recently concluded K2019 where the latest innovations of extrusion technology, as well as the most successful projects, were showcased. Metal pipes coating. aluminium sheathing, mutiple extrusion, PU rods and PA pipes extusion, thermal break, are just some of the plastic extrusion solutions we have decided to highlight.

The company, which has been selling complete turn-key systems for over 40 years, has always distinguished itself for providing to its customers tailored solutions able to satisfy the most demanding needs and requirements.

By doing that the firm has ended up upbringing new and innovative technology in the field of plastic extrusion, having conquered this way the reputation of making possible the impossible (K2019 Friul Filiere’s motto). The company holds several European and international patents and customers look to it for projects characterized by the use of complex materials or the section of the product they require. A flexible and highly prepared R&D department, along with their “yes, we can” approach are the key points of such an achievement.

Friul Filiere however, wants to promote innovation not only as a mean to achieve better results and performances, but also to bring improvement at any level, economic, social and environmenta. We very much welcomed the fact that the circular economy was the leitmotiv of K2019. In fact, the company has been actively developing technology that allows the customers to minimize their impact on the environment and obtain totally recyclable products such as profiles and pipes in composite materials (FFC), biopolymers and recycled PVC.  

We have been also working into finding solutions that can help the clients conform to European standards.

Sustainability is a  topic of primary importance for the company and is the goal Friul Filiere wants to continue pursueing in 2020.

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