FAKUMA 2018 - Hall: A6 / Booth: A6-6111

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01 aug 2018

At Fakuma 2018 International trade fair for plastics processing Friul Filiere will be show different news. Here are the previews about the machines and technologies that will be presented during the event.

Friul Filiere Spa was established as a manufacturer of dies for the extrusion of plastic materials. Nowadays the company sells complete, turn-key systems all over the world to anyone looking for high-quality performance when manufacturing pipes and profiles, from technological extrusion lines and toolings, fully customized and guaranteed 100% Made in Italy.

This year Friul Filiere is celebrating its 40th anniversary and FAKUMA 2018 will be a great opportunity to celebrate its 40th anniversary showing the latest technological developments, first of all among them, the brand new downstream Futura40. Its name wants to pay homage to this event. Its modern and appealing design states 4 decades of technological values, finding roots in the past but looking to the Future. Futura40 highlights:

  • Attractive and ergonomic design
  • Energy savings
  • Motorized movement of the calibrating table
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Low noise pollution

Moreover, FUTURA40 meets Industry 4.0 requirements, such as
  • Process data control with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) 
  • Remote assistance service
  • Simple and intuitive man-machine interface
  • Latest safety standards
  • Predisposition for telediagnosis
  • Connection to the Smart Factory system
  • Separation between the network for remote assistance and the network for data interconnection

During Fakuma exhibition 2018, at Hall A6 - Stand 6111, Friul Filiere will show a single screw extruder Omega80, equipped with a dedicated screw designed by Friul Filiere and with a special tooling for the production of TPU profiles. It combines energy savings and high output rates (160 kg/h) thanks to specific technology that reduces power absorption.
But there will be many other news. Currently, Friul Filiere is the only company in Europe able to provide the customer with complete process know-how for the production of Resysta® composite profiles: extruders, toolings, calibration systems, extrusion lines and auxiliary finishing machines. The sustainable material Resysta® consists of approx. 60% rice husk, is 100% recyclable and absolutely water-resistant. Therefore, features are excellent eco-balance and impresses under harshest weather conditions. Resysta® looks like wood, it feels like wood - but it can do much more.
The commitment of Friul Filiere to research is straight and steady, also prompted by ambitious requests for applications in the most different sectors. This is witnessed by a series of new technologies:​Extruders, extrusion lines, toolings and process know-how for the production of
  • Thermal-break multiple exits profiles in PA66 + glass fibers with application in the windows sector
  • PVC, TPE, HDPE bundling profiles
  • PC profiles, transparent like glass, embossed, dedicated to the LED lighting sector
Complete lines, die heads equipped with TUBEASY system (patent for centering the flow thanks to only 2 screws), special calibration systems and know-how for the extrusion of
  • 6-8mm diameter pipes in PA6-PA11 at the highest speed ever achieved (110 mt / min)
  • rods with and without inserts but also tubes, in special materials such as TPU
  • corrugated and non corrugated metal hoses coated with extreme thermoplastic materials such as TPU,
Technical solutions design and special machines production for
  • punching, belling, cutting, stretching pipes and profiles
  • all surface finishes
  • coextrusion and post-extrusion of different materials

Visit us at Hall A6 - Stand 6111.