Research and development never stops in Friul Filiere. After patenting the complete FFC ™ composite extrusion technology, the next step was the development of a finished product where the use of FFC ™ could have made the difference.

It is aesthetically so similar to wood but it does not burn; transpirant, no maintenance needed: it's perfect for a home! This is how the brand-new concept of wall patented by Friul Filiere, made up of separate elements that are easily assembled, was born. The basic element is a modular panel composed of two main profiles mutually joined by plastic connection profiles which are made to slide between the two main ones. For the first time, the wall panel is modular and can be assembled using different materials.

The interior is made of ultra-light composite material (FFC ™), a mixture of PVC and natural fibers such as jute, hemp, sugar cane and rice husk for a comfortable, healthy, safe life;
 the exterior is made of recycled PVC coated on the surface with a protective acrylic layer resistant to UV, weather and abrasion and does not require any maintenance.

These characteristics make the new modular wall ideal for other applications:

  • Partition walls;
  • health centers ;

  • camps for refugees;

  • construction camps;

  • schools;

  • campsite bungalows;
  • small industrial warehouses;

  • breeding farms;
  • tiny houses for gardens.

It has been very easy to move from the wall concept idea to the opportunity of a complete Turn-key project, perfectly in armony with Friul Filiere core business. HOME™ patent includes:

  • the know-how about extrusion plants and extrusion process

  • the modular wall concept
  • the constructive method to assemble a prefabricated house of the last generation.

The purpose of Friul Filiere is not to sell houses but to TRANSFER TECHNOLOGY: a real social business if you consider that lack of housing is one of the most pressing need all around the world.

HOME ™ Turn-key project is a concept of local empowerment that allows investors to create complete plants where producing the full range of profiles and panels to assemble houses, employing local labor directly formed by Friul Filiere technicians.