Introduced for the first time at the international K2016 fair, the latest Friul Filiere patent is dedicated to the pipe world, confirming a growing commitment and a growing expertise in the field. Tubeasy is an unprecedented flow centering system managed by two screws, applicable to die heads of any size and any material and currently integrated into each of the heads produced in Friul Filiere.
It simplifies the start-up phase by making it fast and saving time and money with a 60% waste reduction. Compared to the well-known, long and complex traditional system, it's quick and accurate.

Tubeasy allows material flow control (even the most extreme, such as PU) and consequently improves not only the general production performance of the plant but also the physical-mechanical characteristics of the finished product.

  • Easy: flow management
  • Simple: only 2 screws for perfect centering
  • Fast: no more waste of time during the starting phase
  • Economic: waste reduction down to 60%
  • Precise: thin thicknesses guaranteed meeting minimum dimensional tolerances

Friul Filiere designs and manufactures complete die heads, but can also upgrade existing die heads applying the Tubeasy system.