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Friul Filiere designs and manufactures complete plants, heads and calibration systems for the production of special pipes, all inside its headquarters. More and more demanding inquiries from clients for the study of solutions for special pipes extrusion have enriched the experience already gained by the company that has won ambitious challenges. Today Friul Filiere offers complete technological solutions to produce:

  • special pipes
  • Coextruded pipes
  • Multilayer pipes
  • Internal or external stripes coextruded pipes
  • Coated metal hoses
  • Multi exits pipes

Friul Filiere guarantees the best performance in the production of pipes in all thermoplastic materials, from traditional PVC, HDPE, PP, to the most extreme PA and PU. In 2016, confirming a growing commitment and increasing expertise, Friul Filiere patented Tubeasy, an innovative system that is applicable to all die heads – and already integrated inside all the die heads produced in Friul Filiere-, for the perfect centring fo the flow using just 2 screws. Tubeasy reduces 60% waste during the starting phase and allows to control the flow of material by improving not only performance throughout the entire process but also the quality and physical-mechanical properties of the final product.

The cooling system is a special element and greatly contributes in achieving excellent results in performance and product high quality standards. Friul Filiere has developed a dedicated calibration system which requires the application of special technologies, tested by Friul Filiere in the study of extreme technoplimers such as PA and PU. This technology can control flows that are otherwise difficult to calibrate and create smooth surfaces and sections that meet even minimal dimensional tolerances.

  • Extreme materials
  • High speed and high production capacity
  • Tubeasy patented system for the perfect centring of the flow