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Friulfiliere was born in 1978 as a manufacturer of complete equipment for the production of profiles. Thanks to our 40 years experience together with our “can do” attitude we are able to create and design special dies and calibration systems to produce technical and complex profiles using extreme thermoplastic materials.

  • Multi-exits: it is possible to extrude more than one profile with the same section to increase the production capacity.
  • Co-extruded: different extruders process different materials into the same die to include them in one single profile;
  • With inserts: in this case elements in steel, copper, wire are included inside the profile. These heads can be made in the most classic direction of extrusion or in square head;
  • Reinforced: special elements (steel or glass fiber) are process together with thermoplastic material in order to have a more resistant profile;
  • Specials: these ones are profiles with complex section for which a very special flow control is required;
  • For composites: toolings designed to produce profiles using composite materials such as FFC (PVC + wood), Resysta (PVC + rice husk), etc.
  • Extreme materials: thanks the application of a special technology designed by Friul Filiere for the management of complex and extreme materials like PA and PU it is possible to calibrate very fluid materials and to create smooth surfaces and sections that meet the minimum dimensional tolerances.