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Patented by Friul Filiere in 2007, it is the expression of Italian design and technical innovative solutions. Most of all, its special aspect depends on the compact structure equipped with a plug-in system for flexible use. Ideal for customers who are willing to have in their plant a performing but totally different from any other extrusion line.

  • Single monocoque main frame for Calibrating table, Takeoff, Cutting unit and the cutter dump table.
  • Single electrical cabinet, integrated into the structure together with the wiring.
  • Just one Siemens PLC with touch screen operator panel controlling the complete extrusion process.
  • Take-off and and Cutters are handled as "modules" that can be individually extracted and replaced with extreme ease thanks to a plug-in system.
  • Very fast downstream customization with insertion of additional units such as Punching units, embossing units, brushing units and more.
  • the entire main frame is predisposed for the insertion of wheels for the complete downstream translation within the extrusion area.