Complete plants for profiles

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Friul Filiere designes and manufactures complete extrusion lines and toolings for the production of special profiles.

Ideal partner for those who are searching for high production performances and high quality products, we are specialized in customized tailor made projects. Our customer choose and trust Friul Filiere for receiving the know-how from a recognized expert and for producing a technological highly competitive profile, complex for materials or section, most of the times, never produced by extrusion process before. We have very ambitious targets and they are guaranteed for our customers. We can be your only referent for a Turn-key project as we can provide extrusion machines, auxiliary equipment and auxiliary machines from raw materials mixing and loading to the finished profile collection.

  • Tailor made solutions
  • High performance plants
  • All thermoplastic materials

For coextruded, post-extruded, reinforced, with inserts, multi-exits, with special materials, technical, with complex sections profiles.

Complete plant for PA66 thermal break profiles- Windows and door isolation -

Complete plant for PU profiles and pipes- Belts and guides filed -

Complete Know-how for the production of Resysta® profiles- garden and home fornitures -

Complete plant for PC systems- ﹥High Speed Tubes, Construction, Lighting -